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And we hope it is on purpose. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our services. We are the Tenon Group. We provide smart security and facilities management solutions. Everything we do is designed around our customers needs.

Superior integrated facilities management services

We manage and deliver best-in-class facilities management services to our customers. Our service offerings include specialized solutions for our clients in each sector or industry.

Superior Electro-mechanical and Telecom services

Our Pan India services provide with fast and reliable electro-mechanical and telecom infra-services solutions to clients in every sector.

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Group News

  • Peregrine Guarding completes 18 glorious years of serving our valued clients.
  • Tenon Group is spreading its wing overseas. Look for the details shortly.
  • Peregrine wins the General Motors Account for Pan India
  • Tenon wins the Uninor account for Pan India
  • Rotopower wins the Pan India Account for Aricent


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